Alexr. McAllister & McKechnie is a firm of Solicitors & Estate Agents based in Paisley.

Wealth Protection

As with your physical well-being, you can avoid major legal problems by periodically checking the status of your legal health. Some of the areas in which you may wish to consider getting a legal “check-up” are:

Wealth protection

Estate Planning including Inheritance Tax;

Wills & Trusts

Transfer of Property Ownership;

Retirement Planning including Care Home Fees.

A review of your legal affairs on an annual basis is necessary to ensure that your current needs and future needs are managed in the best way.

Many times, a yearly legal check-up will uncover legal problems that can be corrected before they cause a major problem. For example, with the birth or death of a loved one, you may wish to revaluate your Will or transfer the ownership of property that you own. Like a doctor or a dentist a Solicitor is trained to diagnose legal problems or issues and recommend solutions. During your legal check up, a review of your family affairs, property, finances, investments and business interests will be examined.

Care Home Fees

The cost of care home fees or independent living costs causes great distress to hard working families who do not wish to see the value of the estate they wish their loved ones to inherit diminish.

Those with personal capital assessable assets may be required to pay for all/some of all their accommodation costs – assessable rates can vary on an annual basis and as such we can advise upon these at interview stage.

It is essential that you seek professional legal advice to protect your family’s assets.

We have a team of Solicitors who can discuss all aspects of you and your family’s assets and make sure that all that you have worked hard for is not diminished when it is time for your loved ones to inherit your estate.

You can call us on 0141 887 8961 or email us on or to discuss all aspects of Wealth Protection and Care Home Fees.