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Wills & Estates

Why should I make a Will?

So that your family and loved ones are provided for and that your property is given to the people that you would intend to get it.

If you don’t it will mean that you die Intestate which means that you die without a Will. That means the Law of Scotland will regulate who should get what and will lead to delay for the surviving members of your family and cause much distress as to what it is you wanted to happen.

Partners who are not married have no automatic right to their deceased partner’s estate. It is essential that a Will is made to take into account unmarried partners and any children.

There may be heirlooms for example jewellery that you wish specific people to have – this can be detailed within your Will.

Our experienced team of Solicitors will guide you through all the matters you will need to take into account so that your Will is best designed to meet you and your family’s needs.

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If I have a Will do I need to do anything?

You may need to make changes to your Will as situations change over time. For example family members may no longer be with us and new ones may have come into the world. Your Will should take this into account and reflect your changing circumstances.

Even if you have a Will that has been drawn up by another firm of Solicitors or a Will Writing firm we will take a look at it for you free of charge and see if you need to do anything at the present time.

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What happens when someone dies?

When someone dies the property owned by them forms their estate. This estate must be ingathered so that debts and liabilities, such as funeral costs, can be settled and the property distributed amongst the deceased’s beneficiaries, who stand to inherit under their Will or under the rules of intestacy.

In order to ingather this estate it may be necessary to obtain Confirmation from the local Sheriff Court. Our experienced Solicitors can assist you with this often complex legal process and make sure that the estate of your loved one is carefully administered and distributed to the beneficiaries as soon as possible.

If someone dies intestate, without a Will, then there are additional legal procedures which may need to be taken in order to settle their estate. We can advise relatives as to how they can quickly and effectively begin to administer the estate and how the estate should be distributed under the rules of intestate succession.

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